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Zimbabwe Tour Of Pakistan After A Long Time – 10th May – 2015

Zimbabwe Tour Of Pakistan – 2015

Zimbabwe Tour Of Pakistan - 10th May 2015

Zimbabwe Tour Of Pakistan – 10th May 2015

Today, we are happy to announce something very exciting news that can put a smile on the face of every Pakistani who is the die hard fan of cricket. After so many years since the terrorists attack on Sri Lankan team in 2009, the international cricket were banned from Pakistan, no other country would want to come to Pakistan for any cricket. But after all these years Zimbabwe has confirmed that they will come to Pakistan to play international cricket. Isn’t it good news this will be the first time when both teams will face each other in the tour of Zimbabwe 2015, they will collide in T20 matches, test matches, and one day international series. It is very good news from the Pakistan side and a bell that has been rung that now it is time to open international cricket in Pakistan one gain.

Zimbabwe has been known for their persistent performances in their match earlier in the world cup 2015 they really made an impact that is why we are seeing this match happen between Pakistan and Zimbabwe. People are really excited to see something new and refreshing is happening right now. The PCB has announced that Zimbabwe team will be landing at Lahore airport may 10, 2015. Now, we all know that Pakistan has been performing quite the opposite that what we expect from them as usual. Earlier in an interview with both team captains in the media they said that we are very to see that international cricket is being opened once again that leaves us to that we can now fully welcome the guest team to perform their best in our ground. Zimbabwe team captain said that we are very excited to come over Pakistan for a very long time we do want to face them in their home ground. I think it is a great opportunity for us to fully understand their ways of playing cricket it is the way of we can learn so much from them. Having playing T20, test matches and ODI’s can surely polish our skills for the upcoming T20 world cup as well. With that said both team captains shake their hands and wish the very best of luck to both teams and we hope that we would have some incredible cricket moments that we bound to see for very long time in Pakistan. We now know that 2015 is the year when so much is going to change for Team Pakistan having so much ups and downs for past years will surely fade away that many countries were afraid of coming to Pakistan and we think Zimbabwe is doing very brave thing to come over here and perform in front of Pakistani audience. If you are a fan of cricket and lives in Pakistan then you won’t want to miss this cricket action. We will post all the latest new and updates about the matches schedule on our website. We will also post the highlights of the match as well. So, stay tuned for some excited cricket action for the first time in Pakistan after so many years of absence.



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