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Yorkshire vs Middlesex – Cricket Highlights – 7th June 2015

Yorkshire vs Middlesex 2015

In both of the teams Middlesex team are more strong and have more batting power so Must watch highlights for more.Yorkshire vs Middlesex highlights are below:

Cricket Highlights

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Today, we will tell you about another exciting upcoming match between Yorkshire and Middlesex Since it has been seen that these two teams have dominated the entire tournament. Now, the time has come for both teams to face each other it is division one match and is shaping up to be the best of all. Everyone is so hyped about this match both teams have equally played alongside and for many season have come up on top as a perfect team. Everyone is talking about this match when will it going to happen and who will prevail at the top once again. In an interview where both team captains were presented in the press conference they felt very confident about their match and share some of the quick few words with us about their state of mind and plans to take over the spot and how will this match will impact on the whole tournament. Yorkshire captain said that we are playing county championship for very long than any other team because we have seen it all and done it all. In our team we get the chance to play some of the best legends of our cricket that helps us out especially the youngsters to how to play when they were out on the field we saw them inspiring us with their charm and good fighting technique that really helped a lot to us understanding the name of cricket. People often think that young blood is so hot that they don’t even realize how to manage their real potential at the same time playing with their heart. Middlesex captain also share some encouraging words with us saying that cricket has now become an international brand where many new teams come and gone everyone has a price and fame it is up to you whether, you go for fame or for money. Talent is not something that can describe into selling to someone else. We all come from those families who really have passion and determination for cricket and we are here now to carry on the legacy of our ancestors. With that said both team captains shake their hands a way of expressing their selves with a smile and wish good luck. Now, let’s take a look at the some of the accomplishments of both teams in the tournament thus far.

Yorkshire Team

Yorkshire has played five matches and won two matches with no loss with three draws. With the score of 75.0 points they have manage to take the number 4th position in the scoreboard. They have made no new changes all their lineup is the same.

Middlesex Team

Middlesex has played six matches with three wins and three draws and zero loss. With the perfect points of 94.0 they have earned the right to stay at the number one position. They have made a little change in their lineup in batting.

Yorkshire vs Middlesex match highlights - 7th June 2015

Yorkshire vs Middlesex match highlights – 7th June 2015



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