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Worcestershire vs Durham – Preview – 24th may 2015

Worcestershire vs Durham 2015

This match will be played today.Worcestershire vs Durham 24th may 2015-Match Preview.Worcestershire vs Durham Match Preview

When you talk about the county championship how you can possibly forgot the one of the old teams of county championship Worcestershire. It was because of them that today where the name of county championship is on they are the winners of the lat season and this time they are going up against the new upcoming rising team Durham.

Match Preview

Earlier in this week during in an interview both teams were present in the press conference and share some of their memorable cricket moments with us. Both team captains are very energetic and they said to us that you can have high hopes for the match because we are here to play cricket and will dominate again just like we did it last year. Durham team captain said that this is the opportunity we seek by going against the team who already beats so many new comers and still on the top. Now, you all are going to think that we don’t have a single chance of surviving but I can assure you that we are well prepaid both mentally and physically. We don’t care who we are facing where they are the giants or not we will take them to their limits and will probably beat them at any cost. Whereas, Worcestershire captain speak to media about his upcoming match against Durham is that it feels very good to see some new young talent making efforts to come up on top by their talent. The one thing we are wanted to see from them is pure dedication about their game. Cricket is the game where you need to full heart and hard work can take you anywhere on the top as soon as you become something attractive many haters still hates you because you are not their favorite team or else. Both teams captains were looking very excited and share some of their strategies and plans against each other, Worcestershire is known for its dominance by the tram they played with because it has all rounders in their teams and many experienced players. The match will start on 24th may 2015 on the pacific time of 11 pm EST. many of the cricket fans are so over whelmed about this match and they think this will give them something to remember for the ages. No doubt county championship is the platform where every cricketer can play openly where they never get full chance to play in international cricket.

Worcestershire team

There are some major changes that have Worcestershire has made by giving the chance to Tom fell and Ben Cox who are new to their team and it will certainly be a classic to see how they will do against Durham they are now considered to as the openers for their team. Nothing major change has occurred.

Durham team

Durham is the new team who are trying to make their debut against Worcestershire. They have assembled a new team Chris Rush worth, Paul Coughlin are the co captains for the team. Their lineup is looking very strong hope to see they will prove quite a challenge for the opposite team.

These are some of the real facts about the upcoming match between Worcestershire and Durham all the fans of the cricket stay tuned for this one T20 epic and exciting cricket moments to see who will come victorious in their match. We will be posting the latest news and updates about all the county championship matches here in our website for the cricket of fans to enjoy their favorite team’s moments in one website. For more information and latest match up dates keep visiting our website.

Worcestershire vs Durham Match Preview

Worcestershire vs Durham Match Preview



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