How To Update Tor Version

To update tor to the latest version only requires a few clicks in the interface. To update it, click on the ‘System’ dropdown menu in the top of the admin interface and select ‘Software’ from the list of options.

Then on the software page, click the button that says 'update lists'. This checks all the versions of software on the device currently looks to see what newer versions are available. When you click that button it will take a few seconds to run those checks and download the lists of available software. NOTE: There are a lot of software packages available that are not installed by default, these are for users who want to run other services or customize the device further.

After the list is finished updating, scroll down on the page and look for the text box next to where it says filter, and in that box type “tor“. Then click the button that says 'find package' immediately to the right of that. This is so that you don't have to scroll through all the other available packages.

Then click the tab that says 'available packages'. This is a list of all the packages that are available to install that contain the text 'tor'. There are quite a few, but they are in alphabetical order.

Scroll down until you see the one that says “tor”, and click the link that says install immediately to the left of it.

You will be prompted once to confirm that you want to update tor, in that prompt window that pops up just click “ok”.

There may be an error message that says your config file is not being overwritten, that is fine as this is a custom config file. At that point, tor is updated to the latest version. You will need to restart tor for the changes to take effect, so click on the ‘Services’ dropdown at the top of the admin interface and then click ‘tor’.

On the tor page, click 'stop tor' and it will stop the tor process, the click the button that says 'start tor' and you should see in the status page that you are running the latest version.