Reset Anonabox Password

NOTE: If you have an Original model, your wireless password is hardcoded. As such, it can not be reset. If you have misplaced the password and are unable to use your Original device, please contact customer service at info@anonabox.com for options.

For all other devices, wireless passwords can be reset as outlined in the second section of Step 3 of the USER MANUAL.

Wireless passwords aside, do you find yourself locked out of the UI because your password was just that awesome and you can’t remember it? Well, the good news it, we can help fix that. The bad news?, you’ll need to reconfigure the Anonabox there after.

You will need to reset the Anonabox. Use the Pin-hole button next to the LAN port. Press it continuously with power applied for 12-15 seconds. Allow time to reboot and try accessing the UI again.

One important thing to note here: We’ve found that many people complaining of an inability to get past the Anonabox password prompt aren’t really connected to the Anonabox. WHAT? In essence what has happened is that your browser has cached this page and is showing you the expected login screen, but you’re not actually talking to the Anonabox. This might occur when your network settings on your computer default to a different network. You may also experience the same problem even after resetting the Anonabox, so we encourage you to read our WIKI on General Troubleshooting, specifically the section titled: Can’t Access the UI.