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West Indies vs Australia – 2nd Test – Match Preview

West Indies vs Australia 2nd Test – 2015

It will be the second test match between West Indies vs Australia.Both are strong team having strong players.But Australia team has win previous match by 9 wickets.Match will be at the home ground of West Indies.

Match Preview

Now, we will talk about another super exciting match between West Indies and Australia. It will be a 2nd test match for the both teams. Many of the people in the media are calling this match the battle of the titans because both teams are really huge in their own perspective and can beat one another at anytime. It has been seen that there are so many test matches are going around these days, but when it comes to West Indies and Australia this is a match that can leave behind all the other anticipated matches. After suffering loss to Australia West Indies losing their nine wickets it will be really great to see how they will try to make the series tie this time. In an interview both team captains were presented at the press conference and they share their opinions about each other and some of their match strategies of how they will work to best this time in upcoming test match. West Indies captain said that we may have lost the first test match from Australia but our wills have not been broken yet we still have something n our sleeve to beat them and we will try our very best efforts to knock them down this time. Every team does mistakes in every match but the real and smart teams are those who quickly understand their weakness and cover it with their strong point. We have underestimated the Australian team and we have to face the consequences but this time the things will be different and very changed since the last time of our encounter. Australian captain said that after you won so many matches you become so over confident and realize that now there is no one that can stop you in your game but that is the act of fools who really lose everything in the first place but we still practice hard even if we are unstoppable because if you keep practicing and working as a unit then no team can beat you. You have to make sure that you make a strong bond with your fellow players who you are playing among them. With that said bath team captains come together can shake their hands wishing them the very best for the upcoming 2nd test match that will take place at June 15, 2015 at Sabina park, Kingston Jamaica. Now let’s take a look at the both teams lineup for the test match.

West Indies Team

West Indies has made clear their intensions they will go with their old lineup this but they have made quite a progress and improvements in their batting openings. And it will be good to see how they will perform this time in the match.

Australia Team

Australia has made a few changes in their batting lineup and they will go with the same lineup as they have schedule for the rest of the team no major changes are required at this particular time.

We will post the highlights of the match on our website. So, keep visiting our website to know about every cricket team’s history and match lineup on our website.

West Indies vs Australia - 2nd Test - cricket Match Preview

West Indies vs Australia – 2nd Test – cricket Match Preview



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