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Warwickshire vs Yorkshire North Cricket Highlights – 21st June 2015 – South Group

Warwickshire vs Yorkshire North Cricket Highlights – 21st June 2015 – South Group

This match was a superb match.Warwickshire vs Yorkshire North Cricket Highlights – 21st June 2015 – South Group.Warwick vs York cricket highlights 2015.

Cricket Highlights

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Today, we will be going to discuss another super excited upcoming match between Warwickshire and Yorkshire. This will be the division one match and is going to be off the hook. Many people are talking about this match right now because they are declaring the match as clash of the titans for their upcoming match. This is a match that was in the making since the start of the county championship tournament. People now are saying that they have the most fans following than any team in the entire division team because they have really hard and so they are now considered in the top teams of entire tournament as well.

we now know that this will be a match that will determine the fate of both teams they have been gone into that point where there is no come back you just now have to look ahead and see who can ease the pressure on one another. In an interview both team captains were presented in the press conference and they share their thoughts and minds that how they will go to prevail against each other at the upcoming match. Warwickshire team captain said that we are mentally prepared for this match even though we have been reached to the top rankings in the division one but there are some things that are still left to do for us in order to submit our name in the county history books.

People hardly think that after reaching to the top once you can never be defeated but this is not true anyone can do it if you have true will and guts to do it and so we are going to do by winning our match. Yorkshire team captain said that even they are one step ahead from us that doesn’t mean that they are best one in the division one right now. We will make sure to cut them loose and sent them right at the bottom and reclaim our thorn back as the new champions of the division one. With that said both team captains shake their hands and wish the very best of luck to each other for the upcoming match.

Warwickshire Team

Warwickshire has played seven matches with three wins one loss and three draws. With the points of 102.0 they are at the number two spot in the scoreboard. They apparently have made no new changes they believe that going with old one will bring luck and charm to them in many ways just like in other matches.

Yorkshire Team

Yorkshire has played six matches with three wins zero loss and three draws. With the points of 98.0 they are at the number three spot in the scoreboard. It seems like they have made few changes in the lineup by changing their batting formation in a good way.

We will post the highlights o the match on our website. So, if you are either fan of both teams you will definitely like this one. For more information and latest news keep visiting our website.

Warwickshire vs Yorkshire cricket highlights 2015

Warwickshire vs Yorkshire cricket highlights 2015



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