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Warwickshire vs Nottinghamshire Cricket Highlights 12th June 2015 – North Group

Warwickshire vs Nottinghamshire Highlights 2015

This match was little bit interesting.There was no excitement is this match.You can easily watch cricket highlights on our site which are given below .Warwickshire vs Nottinghamshire Cricket Highlights 12th June 2015.

Cricket Highlights

Cricket Highlights of this match will be updated soon.Please visit our site for more cricket updates.

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Today, we will discuss another super exciting upcoming match between Warwickshire and Nottinghamshire. This will be a first division match and is shaping up to be one of the most talked about match in the entire tournament. There is quite a buzz around related to this match that both teams have accomplished so many things in their primes they are now, reckoned as the clash of the titan because of the massive teams players are in each team with so many experience and knowledge this will be no doubt a classic match we will see. We all know that Warwickshire has won the county championship last year and they are on quite a roll this time around. Earlier at a press conference both team captains were presented in front of media and they share some of their major plans and strategies to win against each other at the upcoming tournament match. Warwickshire team captain Ian bell said that I have been given the chance to take my team on top so many times that’s because they have faith in me and they truly understand my way of playing my team never argues with me on what I say this think is biggest achievement of any person who you think has the moral support of you own team mates. This is the main factor that you easily can overcome on every odd that they have put against you in the shape of your team. Your team is your physical strength you don’t want it to get broken because once you have made a strong bond with them you can conquer anything and this is why we will do this time again by defeating our opposite team in the upcoming match. Nottinghamshire team captain said that we have played so many great matches in the county championship I think the time has come for us to take our stand and deliver what we said. For many tomes our performance is going on very low average level but now we have to make for ourselves and take action to put our great efforts in every match and win it at any cost. With that both team captains shake their hands and wish the very best of luck to each other for the match. Now, let’s take a look at their present accomplishments so far in the tournament.


Warwickshire has played six matches with two wins one loss and three draws. With the score of 80.0 points they are at the number five spot in the scoreboard. They currently are going with their old format and lineup no new changes for the match.


Nottinghamshire has played six matches with one win two losses and three draws. With the total points of 61.0 they are at the number seven spot in the scoreboard. They are apparently going with their old lineup no new changes all is going with per schedule.

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Warwickshire vs Nottinghamshire Match Highlights 12th June 2015

Warwickshire vs Nottinghamshire Match Highlights 12th June 2015



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