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Warwickshire vs Derbyshire Match Prediction – 3rd July 2015 – North Group

Warwickshire vs Derbyshire Match Prediction – 3rd July 2015

This match will be held in “Birmingham”.Warwickshire vs Derbyshire Match Prediction – 3rd July 2015 – North Group.Warwik vs derby match prediction 2015.Highlights of this match will be updated on this site right after match.So Stay Tuned!

Toss Prediction

Warwickshire team will this toss.

Match Prediction

Derbyshire team will win this match.stay updated!

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Head To Head

  • Warwickshire Team
  • Warwickshire has played eight matches with three wins one loss and four draws, with the points of 111.0 they are at the number four spot in the scoreboard. They have made no new changes in their lineup as they are looking pretty strong and we reserved.
  • Derbyshire Team
  • Derbyshire has played nine matches with two wins four loss and three draws. With the points of 85.0 they are at the number six spot in the scoreboard. Apparently they have made minor changes in their lineup as they have changed their bowling strategies only for this match and rest remains the same for them.

Weather and Pitch report

Both teams will play the match on July 3, 2015 and its looks like the weather will be awesome and little cloudy but they can still play the match without storm hitting the ground. Pitch is looking perfect it looks like the pitch is specifically made for these teams. We shall see who will be able to use it correctly for their advantage in the upcoming match.


Today, we are going to discuss an upcoming match between Warwickshire and Derbyshire teams. It will be division one versus division two matches and it’s going to be off the hook. Ever since the beginning of the county championship series these two teams have proven that with struggling careers and hard work you can make a difference for yourself in every tournament you participate. Both teams are best in their primes as we all know that they have been lead by some of the all time great and talented cricketers and all-rounder.

Last week at a press conference both team captains were presented where we get the chance to talk with them they share their inner experiences and future strategies of how they will conquer each other in their upcoming match. Warwickshire team captain said that it has been long time when we have started to play in county tournament and it has bring so many great memories and experiences that you can’t even imagine I never thought cricket will give me so much fame in my career and as you play every match your courage is increased day by day and you want to win more matches rather than just one.

We have made no new plans for our upcoming match’s we just want to act as a professional and will try our best to win it.  Derbyshire team captain also said that we are also for this match we know the opposite team is strong and can manipulate things on their own but we have some things left on our sleeves as you will see on our performance day. With that said both team captains come close and shake their hands and wish the very best of luck to each other for their upcoming classic match. Now, let’s have look at both team’s current positions and lineup in the scoreboard.

We will post the highlights of the match on our website. If you are either fan of both teams’ then you won’t want to miss this one.

Warwickshire v Derbyshire Match Prediction 2015

Warwickshire v Derbyshire Match Prediction 2015



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