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Sussex vs Warwickshire – Preview – 24th may 2015

Sussex vs Warwickshire 2015

Today match is going to be played between Sussex vs Warwickshire and you can see here Sussex vs Warwickshire. This match will be played today Sussex vs Warwickshire match preview.

Another exciting match is coming up just in a few moments between Sussex and Warwickshire teams. I would like to tell our readers that about these teams it is the first division of county championship and it has already in its full gear. Where both these teams have done so much in the last year matches against their team now they are about to go head to head in the latest showdown against each other.

Match Preview


I would like to take a little quick survey and you about both teams what are their strategies and plans going against each other. Earlier sometime both team captains were interviewed about colliding each other. They said that for many years now we have been playing cricket go to the many countries and play against some of the best teams of the world. Ian bell the captain of Warwickshire has told in his interview that he is looking forward to play against his rival teams Sussex, because you won’t get this type of chances to prove in front of your home ground and championship where you feel a little edgy in many situations the pitch and the field everything becomes your home ground once you get back to play with your home team. Playing a county championship is always be pleasure for me because I was the one who started my career from this particular platform and with that I have emerged at the top by the fans love and support.

I would definitely never disappoint my fans and will try to leave up the expectations of my supporters. Ricky Clarke the captain of Sussex team also said that county championship is like playing world cup because you get to see all new young guys and talented youngsters in your field a lot of new players are coming trying to give something to the cricket as we all know what it has become a pure international level sports.

Today, when you step out in the ground you just see one thing is to dominate the whole match it is all about the luck and experiencing something that no one will ever take it away from you. After the interview both team captains shake their hands with a smile that is called pure sportsmanship. The match will take place on 24th may 2015 and will start on the pacific time of 11 pm EST. stay tuned for the match because we will be posting live coverage of the match for you and the highlights of the match.

Sussex team

One of the biggest changes that Sussex team has made bringing Oliver Robinson the player of England who has history of dominating the whole match alone an all rounder. He has also an impressive run against Sussex in the last year’s county championship in the first season. Now it will be delight to see what will Robinson do to take his team one step closer to the championship.

Warwickshire team

Where Warwickshire has not made any changes to the lineup they are the same, ever since they have joined the team. All the players are equally determined to win the match it has some of the top players from team New Zealand.

Are you ready for this exciting and over the top action of cricket match. Then come to our website to learn more this epic match comment it and see all your favorite cricket legends played against one another to become the champion of county. This is a division one match and we all hope to see some memorable moments that no one will ever forget.

Sussex vs Warwickshire Match Preview

Sussex vs Warwickshire Match Preview




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