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Sussex vs Hampshire – Cricket Highlights – 7th June 2015

Sussex vs Hampshire 2015

It was a great effort by both teams players.Because both teams have strong players for play.Match was played at country ground. Hampshire vs Sussex cricket highlights are below:

Cricket Highlights

Highlights of this match will be updated soon.


Now, let’s talk about another upcoming match between Sussex and Hampshire. When this season was just beginning everybody has a lot of hopes from these two teams because they really had the potential to be the champions in their respective genre. This is a division one match and it is shaping to be the greatest of them all. There is no denying that in every team there is need of some luck and hard work in order to get succeed. But for some reason some teams might actually gets distracted from their main goal even they try their best the result remains the same for them. We have got the opportunity to talk about with the both team captains in the media where they share their thoughts and strategies of how they will prevail against each other in the upcoming match. Sussex team captain said that it is being a great honor to play against the Hampshire team because we once want to face them once in the match and now we are getting that chance to prove ourselves, last year when we faced each other the upper hand was on the Hampshire team and we get lost to them this will be a great way to settle the score once and for all.  With that said Hampshire team captain Gurney Michael said that it has been a long time since we have won any match since the start of the county championship where every team has won at least one match but we are still at the bottom now we understand the pressure of the game and know how we will come up against all odds in our next match. This will be great opportunity for us to make a great comeback that many people would want to see in us and will make sure we perform just like we did last year season. After sharing some heart touching words they both get off the stage and come close to each other and shake hands with positive feeling wishing the good luck to each team. Let’s have a look at their current position in the score board.

Sussex Team

Sussex has played six matches with three wins and three losses. With average points of 75.0 they have made number five spot in the scoreboard. They have no new changes in their lineup their batting is still their strong aspect as usual.

Hampshire Team

Hampshire has played 6 matches and has won not even one match with two losses and four draws. With the points of 46.0 they remain still at the bottom on the scoreboard. They currently are going to change their fielding and bowling lineup but all remains the same.

This match will start at 5th June, 2015 at the time of 11pm (EST) UK in the Nottingham stadium. We will post highlights of the match in our website. If you are true fan of county championship then this one is a delight for you in every way. For more information keep visiting our website.

Sussex vs Hampshire match highlights - 7th June 2015

Sussex vs Hampshire match highlights – 7th June 2015



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