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Surrey vs Middlesex Match Prediction – 3rd July 2015 – South Group

Surrey vs Middlesex Match Prediction – 3rd July 2015

This match will be held in “London”.It will be the great match.Surrey vs Middlesex Match Prediction – 3rd July 2015 – South Group. Sur vs Mid match prediction 2015.Cricket Highlights of this match will be uploaded on this site right after the match.

Toss Prediction

Surrey team will win this toss.

Match Prediction

Surrey team will win this match.

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Head To Head

  • Surrey Team
  • Surrey has played ten matches with five wins one loss and four draws. With the points of 161.0 they are at the number two spot in the division one scoreboard right now. They have made no new changes in their lineup as they will be going with old team formation for the match.
  • Middlesex Team
  • Middlesex has played nine matches with four wins one loss and four draws. With the points of 130.0 they are at the number three spot in the division one’s scoreboard. This time they are going with their old lineup nothing major changes in their roster all remains the same as per schedule for them.

Weather and Pitch report update

It looks like the match will take place on July 3 , 2015 and the weather will be on their side let us hope we get to see this incredible match. The pitch is looking fine and ready to use for both teams as it looks little pitchy and dull but it will make a good for them.


Now, we will discuss another super exciting upcoming match between surrey and Middlesex teams. This will also be division one versus division two matches and this will be the most outstanding match you will ever see. That’s because both teams are considered to be the best teams in their own divisions where they have dominated the entire series and this time these two will collide against each other in gigantic T20 match that you have ever seen.

County has introduced so many great teams over the past few years but there are some teams that even exceed the expectations of everyone and both teams have work so hard and dedicated their lives to cricket world. That is why in an exclusive interview where both team captains were presented where we get the chance to talk with them where they share their personal life experiences and journey to the top as cricketers.

Surrey team captain said that we have been here for a long time where we almost have to face so many great teams where have learn so much about them and their ways of playing that help us improving our game and tactics in a good way and this match is will be the career changing for us as we are ready to take division one’s best down fare and square. Middlesex team captain also said that we are more than ready to play this upcoming match there is a saying to become the best you need to beat the best and that’s exactly we will going to do.

One of the major things you need to focus is that to take control of your team and make them fight as unit in this way no one will ever be able to touch you that is what I believe in. with that said both team captain come close and shake their hands and wish the very best of luck to each other. Now, let’s see both team’s present scores and points in the scoreboard.

Surrey vs Middlesex Match Prediction 2015

Surrey vs Middlesex Match Prediction 2015




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