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Surrey vs Kent Match Prediction – 2015 19th June – South Group

Surrey vs Kent Match Prediction – 2015 19th June – South Group

This match will be played at Kennington Oval.Surrey vs Kent Match Prediction – 2015 19th June – South Group.It will be the interesting match.

Toss Prediction

Surrey team will win this toss.

Match Prediction

Kent team will win this match.

Weather Report

Weather will be airy and little bit normal on that day.So no need to take tension any more<keep Enjoying.

Head To Head

  • Surrey Team
  • Surrey has played seven matches with three wins four draws and zero loss. With the perfect points of 113.0 they are at the number two spot in the scoreboard. They are currently going with their old lineup nothing major changes for them.
  • Kent Team
  • Kent has played seven matches with one win four loss and two draws. With the least points of 58.0 they are at the bottom which makes them at number nine spot in the scoreboard. They have made no new changes in their lineup all remains the same for them.
  • We will post the highlights of the match on our website. If you are fan of the either team then you won’t want to miss this one. So, stay tuned for more cricket action and latest updates on our website.


Today, we will be discussing another exciting upcoming match between Surrey and Kent. It will be a division two match and is shaping up to be the best one in the county championship. Ever since the beginning of the county matches these two teams have been performing all day night long they never had skipped any of their matches they are totally the worth to play the matches. Both teams are best in their primes, for those of you who don’t that these teams have a lot in common when it comes to performing and cooperating with each other. Their tactic’s and ways of playing are very quite similar to each other. You might say that division two has some of the best teams in the entire tournament.

That is why we get the chance to speak with both team captains about their past accomplishments and upcoming matches and they had a lot to say about it. Surrey team captain said that just like in our every match we never take anything seriously we always implement everything and come up with some good strategies and ways to best the opposite team. It is been quite a run for us over the past years where we face so many teams one at a time and defeat them to learn something new in every ways.

And this upcoming match against Kent maybe they are the weakest team in our division two but we never have to take someone so lightly at any cost we will do our best to prevail against them. Kent team captain also said that we are right at the bottom in the scoreboard right now but that doesn’t stop us to playing what we play best in our genre is play the best cricket. Sometimes you leave all things in the destiny’s hand and just do your best to overcome all odds at once. We will be ready for Surrey even they are the in the top teams. With that both team captains shake their hands and wish the very best of luck to each other. Now, let’s take a look at their present condition in the scoreboard.

Surrey vs Kent Match Prediction 2015

Surrey vs Kent Match Prediction 2015



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