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Sri Lanka vs Pakistan 2nd Test Match Prediction – 25th June 2015

Sri Lanka vs Pakistan 2nd Test Match Prediction – 25th June 2015

Colombo is that city where this match will be played.Sri Lanka vs Pakistan 2nd Test Match Prediction – 25th June 2015. SL vs Pak 2nd test prediction highlights of this match will be updated on this site right after match.See the predictions below:

Toss Prediction

Pakistan team will win this toss.

Match Prediction

Pakistan team has more chances to win this match.

Weather Report

According to weather forecast,the weather will be normal no need to worry about that.

Head to Head

  • Sri Lanka Team
  • Sri Lanka has made a few changes in their lineup and they are keeping changing their fielding tactics and their batting formation in so many ways. It will be great to see how they will make their come back in the upcoming match.
  • Pakistan Team
  • Pakistan team has made no new changes in their lineup they believe their lineup is pretty strong and can win the second test match in no time. They are having practice sessions in the stadium where they are improving their skills to make it better for the match.

Today, we are going to discuss an upcoming match between Sri Lanka and Pakistan teams. This will be 2nd test match from 3rd test series. After Pakistan winning the first test match by ten wickets now it will be miracle to see how Sri Lanka will do next to win back the 2nd test match. We all know that both teams are capable of winning the trophy and can achieve everything in their primes. Ever since the beginnings of the official tour to Sri Lanka for Pakistan this is the first time we have seen them so much action and witness some incredible moments in the cricket history.

That is why we get the chance to interview both team captains for the upcoming match where share their personal experiences and tactic’s about how they will prevail one another this time. Sri Lanka team Captain said that after Losing to Pakistan the First test match we have now know them as an entity to reckoned with they have proven why they are the best Asia’s best team in the whole world. We never thought that winning would be so tough because cricket can be predictable sometime you don’t know who you are going up against and what things you are doing but playing with Pakistan we have come to know that they are more dedicators than anyone one of us. That is why this upcoming test match will see who can we change the momentum just like a blink of an eye.

Pakistan team captain also said that after seeing the performances of the team mates I am more than happy to see that after a long time the true youngsters have decided to dedicate their true heart for the Pakistan it is their will and courage that we have won the first test match against the most hard team and in the second test match we will look forward to do the same. With that said both team captains share their hands and wish the very best of luck to each other for the upcoming test match. Now, lets’ take a look at their current lineup and things they are making to improve their teams.

We will post the highlights of the match on our website. If you are fan of either team then you won’t want to miss this incredible match. We will keep you up to date about upcoming next matches on your website “CricFlip”.

Sri Lanka vs Pakistan 2nd Test Match Prediction - 2015

Sri Lanka vs Pakistan 2nd Test Match Prediction – 2015



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