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Sri Lanka vs Pakistan 1st Test Match Prediction | 2015

Sri Lanka vs Pakistan 1st Test Match Prediction

This match will be played at Pakistan’s country ground

Toss Prediction

Pakistan team will win this toss and elect to play first.

Today Prediction

CircFlip experts prediction is that Pakistan team has more chances to win this match.

Head To Head(ODI Matches)

  • Total Matches played between Sri Lanka vs Pakistan are “143”
  • Matches won by Sri Lanka Team are “56”
  • Matches won by Pakistan Team are “81”

Weather Report

According to weather forecast and BBC the weather is little bit cool.Chances of the Thunderstorm can occur during match.But good news is that this weather can not spoil match.

Pitch Report

According to the previous performance of both team,they have a great grip on this pitch .As you know itch will in the Sri Lanka,this pitch can disterb with present weather.Little bit slippery it was in last match.


Today, in this article we are going to discuss another upcoming classic match between Sri Lanka and Pakistan. It will be a 1st test match and it is shaping up to be a quite great one. We all know that Pakistan and Sri Lanka has history of competing with each other in every matches and this year will be no exception for them. Ever since the announcements of this test series both teams are very exciting and eager to face each other in their 1st test match. In an interview with both team captains were presented in the press conference and they share their some old memories playing with each other and tell us how they will going to react on this year test series. We talk to them and listened their every aspect about their cricket journey and other things al about them so you can understand what cricket means for someone who take it very seriously.

Sri Lanka team said that Pakistan and we go a very long way back we had some memorable moments playing with each other in so many tournaments. We have come to think that a team that has full charisma and energetic is the one who has passion desire to play cricket at its very best level and Pakistani players seems to have that much of confident in them and they can easily beat and can understand your tactics to overcome you just in nick of time. Now, this year will be going very different because if you are playing with the same team you get to understand their way of playing so dramatically that you can predict all their counter moves and strategies very often times.

Pakistan team captain said that we are more than happy to play with Sri Lankan team on their home ground I think this will be an great opportunity for us to make a great come back after what we have suffer last couple of years in our cricket now we can make that loss cover by uniting the two nations who really likes to see and play cricket on their own. With that said both team captains shake their hands and wish the very best of luck to each other for the upcoming test series. Now let’s take a look at their current lineup of both teams and strategies.

Sri Lanka Team

Sri Lanka has made no new changes they are going with their old line-up and they are practicing in the practice sessions to improve their abilities and all remains the same for them as per schedule.

Pakistan Team

Pakistan has made whole new changes in their lineup by changing their opening batsmen and bowling ways. They are presently working very hard for this one because all the youngsters are playing their first test match.

This match is going to be super exciting and great we can expect a lot from these two teams if you go are fan of each team. We will post the highlights of the match on our website.

Sri Lanka vs Pakistan 1st Test  Cricket Match Prediction

Sri Lanka vs Pakistan 1st Test Cricket Match Prediction



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