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Somerset vs Hampshire – Match Prediction – 5th june 2015

Somerset vs Hampshire 2015

Somerset vs Hampshire  Match Prediction of  5th June 2015,Somerset vs Hampshire cricket prediction,

Toss Prediction

Hampshire team will win toss.


our prediction is that “Somerset team will win the match with high margin.


Today, we will discuss another exciting upcoming match between Somerset and Hampshire. This is a division one match and by looking the match this is going to be a roller coaster ride for the fans of the match. Ever since the start of the county championship these two teams have been the most two favorites in the entire tournament. Maybe because both teams’ captains have their own sense of way to portray themselves and present as an incredible individual by making their teams hold together for very long time. It is no doubt that both teams are eligible two win the prestige’s title at the tournament. Today, we get the opportunity to talk with the both team’s captains where they share some of their old memories and thoughts about how they will outlast each other in upcoming match. Somerset captain said that ever since Chris Gayle left the team last year the teams was nothing more than lacking self confidence in them it is very difficult to bring out the best in the broken team whose captain just left the team and when I am around I see them they have a lot of potential in them carrying inside them where they not only need some kind of pushing them forward but to make them realize who they are playing for. It is not easy to make a contact with a team when you just came along as a newbie and settle everything right. But let’s just hope for the best we are mentally prepared and will do our best to win the match. Hampshire captain told us that playing cricket is nothing more than swimming in the shark I considered myself a Mino swimming with the sharks but the main thing is that you just have to keep move on no matter what happens you keep pushing yourself harder and to the limit to see how much you got to beat the opponent team. That said, both captains tell us about their plans and strategize and wish the very best to each other. Let’s take a closer look at the both teams current state in the tournament.

Somerset team

Somerset has played five matches with one win three losses and one draw. Their current points are 52.0 which make them the lowest earning team and make their spot at number 8 right now. they have currently planning to change their lining in both batting and bowling and with new captain around it will be good to see how they will play this time.

Hampshire team

Hampshire has played six matches and not win a single one they have lost 4 matches with two draws which makes them right at them bottom of the tournament with 46.0 points they are at number nine spot. They have not made any changes at all they remain the same.

This will be a good match to watch if you are fan of the either team then you won’t want to miss any particular action of this match. We will post all the highlights of all the matches in our website.

Somerset vs Hampshire Match Prediction 5th June 2015

Somerset vs Hampshire Match Prediction 5th June 2015



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