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Scotland Tour of Ireland – 2015

Scotland Tour of Ireland – 2015

Scotland Tour of Ireland - 2015

Scotland Tour of Ireland – 2015

Today, we will discuss another super exciting upcoming match between Scotland and Ireland. It is a great new for all the cricket fans who are out there who wanted to see this match. It will be three T20 matches match although it is shaping up to be a quite a rivalry. For the past many years whenever we see Scotland and Ireland face each other we always wanted to see something new and phenomenal and now our wish has been granted as these two teams will face each other in awesome match. We all know that T20 is match that every person tries their full luck and play big time so this will going to be a match that may people will talk for so many years. Earlier before Scotland were going to Ireland a press conference was held and both team captains were presented in front of media and they share their personal childhood memories and share come light on their upcoming match.

Scotland captain said that whenever you talk about T20 matches then how can you possibly forgot the names of Scotland and Ireland it is those teams who made the T20 matches famous ever since the beginning of the rivalries where people always connect someone with another to see that which team is equal to another we both teams have give our very best to the cricket world. I came from a very little city from Scotland where people grow by watching cricket.

And I was determining to become as international cricketer myself. As I made my journey towards the youngsters and emerge as a one man squad in the team and now we are looking forward to do our best to beat Ireland in their home ground. Ireland team captain Kevin O’ Brien said that this time I will lead the team we all know that having home ground advantage can be big factor in your match. You know that opposing team will never know how is your pitch works well then you so we are practicing quite a lot to make sure we win this T20 series at any cost. With that said both team captains shake their hands and wish each other the very best for their upcoming match. Now, let’s take a look at both teams present lineup,

Scotland Team 

Scotland has made no new changes in their lineup except in their bowling department where that have made some adjustments and they are improving their skills as well.

Ireland Team

Ireland has made few changes in their line up by changing the wicketkeeper and their fielding ways and have made a one player comeback all-rounder Tyrone cane in the squad once again. It will be delight to see them performing in their home ground.

The match will take place at June 18, 2015 in the Ireland Stadium. We will post all the highlights of the match on our website. To know more about all the latest cricket actions keep visiting our website.



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