Important, Please Note;

This Firmware is only for the Anonabox Pro Model which is pictured below. Attempting to flash this firmware to another device may damage it.

Anonabox Pro

Download Latest Firmware: Version 4.3

File Hashes:

  • md5sum checksum: 6c064371ecbca08681e3cf8e870956f4
  • sha256sum checksum: da54c883cdf584a56a0941ec3cce7530f7a469f5afaeeb18e5178f6bf90cca60

New Features:

  • Update OpenWRT to latest version Designated Driver / Trunk along with all relevant packages, including Tor and OpenSSL.
  • Wifi Scheduler to turn Wifi on and off at user defined intervals.
  • Access Control Feature to block or unblock devices based on Mac address.
  • Adblock and Adblock configuration page in Admin interface.
  • Watchcat config page and functionality
  • Updated Links in Software section to download and install open source apps from OpenWrt Community repos.
  • Tor Configuration Page includes Advanced Configuration for manually editing torrc
  • Support for Tor Bridges and Pluggable Transports including obfs2/obfs3/scramblesuit to Admin interface

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How to Install New Firmware

Download the file to your computer and save it somewhere where it is easily accessible, like your desktop.

Connect to the Anonabox User Interface (Step 2 in the User Manual)

Use the ‘System’ tab and select ‘Backup/Flash Firmware’.

Step 1

You may want to create a back up of your current settings. You can do so by clicking ‘Download Backup.’

Begin by clicking the ‘Perform Reset’ Button. This will erase any additional files being stored on the device and make sure you have sufficient file space for the new firmware.

Reconnect and enter the interface and navigate back to the ‘Backup/Flash Firmware’ section under the ‘System’ tab as outlined previously.

To update:

De-select the box next to ‘keep settings’

Click ‘choose file’ and find the firmware file (anonabox_model_firmware_version.bin) that you have downloaded onto your computer.

Once you have chosen that file click ‘flash image…’

Step 2

Update may take several minutes, but when completed, use your device as normal.

You may trash the downloaded file once the update is completed.