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Nottinghamshire vs Worcestershire Match Prediction – 3rd July 2015 – North Group

Nottinghamshire vs Worcestershire Match Prediction – 3rd July 2015

This match will be held in “Nottingham”.Highlights of this match will be uploaded at CricFlip after match.It will be the great match. Nottinghamshire vs Worcestershire Match Prediction – 3rd July 2015 – North Group.Nottingham vs Worce match prediction 2015.

Toss Prediction

Nottinghamshire team will win this toss.

Match Prediction

Worcestershire team will win this match.

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Head To Head

  • Nottinghamshire Team
  • Nottinghamshire has played nine matches with two wins four losses and three draws, with the perfect points of 92.0 they are at the number seven spot in the scoreboard. This time they have made a few changes in their lineup as they change their batting order and fielding ways for the match.
  • Worcestershire Team
  • Worcestershire has also played nine matches with one win six losses and two draws. With the points of 79.0 they are at the number eight spot in the scoreboard. Apparently they are going to change their bowling and batting positions as they have made a few adjustments and still improving their skills in the practice sessions.

Weather and Pitch report update

The match will take place on July 3, 2015 and its look like the sun will be very hot and shiny this is good sign for these teams because they have prove something and this match would probably mark their return in the tournament. The pitch is looking very hard and curb let’s which team will make the most of it and who will get effective from it.


Today, we will be discussing another upcoming great match between Nottinghamshire and Worcestershire teams. It will be a division one match and is shaping up to be the best one. Ever since we have seen so many teams playing each other and pushing them back these two teams have performed very poor over the last few months we haven’t seen their full potential yet that’s because they have never been given the chance to rise up to the occasion and play with full power.

Some of us believe that they were lacking the true courage or they need someone to push them in order to see which team brings out the best on another. That is why in a press conference where both team captains were presented and we get the chance to talk with them about their upcoming match where they share their mistakes and the future of their teams. Nottinghamshire team captain said that the main reason

why we were out of the action because we didn’t find the team to bring out the best in us where you can see that other teams have already got the chance to get used to it but couldn’t but this time this match is the perfect opportunity for us to make a comeback with a blast and slam all the critics who ever doubted on our abilities by winning this upcoming match.

Worcestershire team captain also said that we just one step behind the Nottinghamshire team as we have also faced the same consequences as they are facing but the show must go on as you will see actions speaks louder than words that exactly you will see from us and can expect a guaranteed win from our side. With that said both team captains come close and shake their hands and wish the very best of luck to each other for their upcoming match. Now, let’s see both team’s current points and lineup on scoreboard.

We will post all the highlights of the match on our website. For more information and latest cricket news and updates keep visiting our website.

Nottinghamshire vs Worcestershire Match Prediction 2015

Nottinghamshire vs Worcestershire Match Prediction 2015



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