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Nottinghamshire vs Leicestershire – Cricket Prediction – 5th june 2015

Nottinghamshire vs Leicestershire 2015

Nottinghamshire vs Leicestershire Cricket Prediction of 5th june 2015,Nottinghamshire vs Leicestershire Cricket highlights,

Toss Prediction

Leicestershire team will win toss and play first.


we will predict that Nottinghamshire team will win this match.

Today, another exciting and awesome has been coming your way between Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. This is division one vs. division two match of the tournament. County championship has shaping up to be the best one this year with so many incredible individual people are making their way to the top in the cricket history among the current cricket superstars. When county championship is held every year it seems that everyone is so excited and hoping to make their way into international cricket by winning some championships along the way because this a platform that can make them and take their popularity to the right on top of the cricket world. It looks like people still have some passion and charisma about cricket. That is why every team that steps in the county championship is something special in every way. Today, in an interview both team captains were present to share with us about their current state of mind about their match of how they are feeling and how they will play against each other. Nottinghamshire captain said that I always feel honored to play in such young talent because you get to know more about them and their playing techniques and it is really difficult to play against those teams whom you have seen nothing about them or any understand any kind of their strategy and plans to conquer them in them match. I have been along quite for a while and see that when you are in this situation the best is to rely on the new person always gives you upper hand in many ways. Leicestershire captain also shared some of his words with us by telling that cricket is becoming complicated these days you can predict how the other person will react and how you will respond from their actions. The best thing is that you get the chance to connect with the crowd who cheers you and you get more excited that make your gut feeling stronger that you are playing for them. This is a feeling that no one can take away from you. With that said both captains shake hands and wish good luck to each other for their match. Now, let’s take look at the tale of the tape of the both teams in the scoreboard.

Nottinghamshire team

Nottinghamshire has played six matches and have won one match with two losses and three draws. They currently have 61.0 points which takes them to the 6th spot in the division one.  They have made no new changes for the match all remains the same as usual.

Leicestershire team

Leicestershire has played six matches with one win three losses and two draws. Their current average points are 59.0 points which makes them at the 7th spot in the division 2. They have made a few adjustments in their batting lineup and everything is same.

We will post the highlights of the match in our website. The match will take place in Nottingham at the specific time of 11pm (EST) UK. Stay tuned for more incredible cricket action around the world.

Nottinghamshire vs Leicestershire Prediction 5th June 2015

Nottinghamshire vs Leicestershire Prediction 5th June 2015




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