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Northamptonshire vs Kent Match Prediction – 2015 20th June – County Div 2

Northamptonshire vs Kent Match Prediction – 2015 20th June – County Div 2

This match will be the great match.which will be played at Country Ground of Northampton. Northamptonshire vs Kent Match Prediction – 2015 20th June – County Div 2.Northampton vs Kent match prediction 2015.County Championship Division Two 2015.

Toss Prediction

Kent team will win this toss.

Match Prediction

Our expert’s prediction is that Northamptonshire team will win this match.

Weather Report

According to BBC,the weather will be little bit airy,which will not impact on match.Match will be great no need to worry about weather.

Head To Head

  • Northampton shire Team
  • Northampton shire has played seven matches with one win one loss and five draws. With the points of 79.0 they are at the number five spot in the scoreboard. Apparently they have made a few changes in their batting lineup for the upcoming match.
  • Kent Team
  • Kent has also played seven matches with one win four losses and two draws. With the points of 58.0 they are at the number nine spot in the scoreboard right now. They have made quite changes in their lineup by changing their batting order and bowling lineup all at once.

Today, we will discuss another upcoming great match between Northampton shire and Kent. This will be the division two matches and will going to be one of the best to talk about matches in the county championship history.  These two team are the very best in their primes and are performing constantly ever than before. For many of you who really don’t know that this will be Kent teams last chance to make their way on the top list again. That is there is quite a buzz around here to see that who will be emerged as the top team in this upcoming match.

We all know that there are some points comes when you need to stay on your ground and want to perform your very best that is why in an interview both team captains were presented in the press conference where they share their ways and tactic’s of how they will play against each other. Northampton shire team captain said that we are more than happy to face Kent team it is what we wanted from the beginning of the county championship tournament. We all understand that in order to come on top you have to not only work hard but also utilize your vision of what you desire and implement it so perfect that emerged as the top team.

Cricket is just like that where you have to go through a lot of teams and fight through so you can one day proudly say that we best that team and so we will do to Kent in the upcoming match. Kent team captain said that after having lost so many matches we have now come to a conclusion that it is all about the destiny of who gets the chance to come up and who gets not.

This time around county has changed our way of playing because if you see that playing in ODI and test matches and in county is very different perspectives it can totally changes your way of playing so need to be focused and determined to win everything After saying that both team captains come together and shake their hands and wish the very best of luck to each other. Now, let’s take a look at their past accomplishments in the tournament.


We will post the match highlights on our website. If you are fan of either team then you won’t want to miss this one action packed match.

Northamptonshire vs Kent Match Prediction - 2015

Northamptonshire vs Kent Match Prediction – 2015



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