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Northamptonshire vs Derbyshire – Cricket Highlights – 11 June 2015

Northamptonshire vs Derbyshire 2015

It was a great match between Northampton shire and Derbyshire teams.these teams are the part of North Group.Highlights of Northampton shire vs Derbyshire are below:

Cricket Highlights

It was a great match.Cricket highlights of this match will be uploaded soon.Stay updated.

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Today, we will discuss about another upcoming exciting match between Northampton shire and Derbyshire. Ever since the beginning of the county championship these two teams performances have been seen very persistent and they are on quite a rule these days. This is a division two match, where Northampton shire defeated Essex in order to qualify for the match.  It looks like both teams are in the same level of score when it comes to batting and bowling. They are dominating every single match when they play their game. In an interview both team captains were presented and they share some of their memories with us about how they really want to become a great cricket player when they were young. Northampton shire captain said that it was my dream to play in the county championship ever since I was a child because when we see our big legends that know them today as the best cricketers of all time I had an ambition to be that one that day. But it is not an easy job to become a good player you have to work hard and see how the people react to your game you don’t simply understand the game when you enter it with full mind because people want to see someone who can dedicate their victories to the fans and the people who are responsible of making you an exceptional batman. Derbyshire captain said that county championship is something that is really close to my heart because my ancestors and some of my family members used to play in it. It is a lifetime chance for any person who wants attain it. People get to see you playing cricket as nothing else. Because it is the thing they want from you to cheer you up every time you step foot in the ground.  After that both teams captains said that we will try to win the match at our very best and wish each other the very best of luck. Now let’s take a look at the both team’s accomplishments and present score on the scoreboard in the tournament.

Northampton shire Team

Northampton shire has played six matches with one win and one loss and four draws. With the points of 66.0 they are at the number 5th spot in the scoreboard. They have made no new changes in their lineup all remains the same as appointed.

Derbyshire Team

Derbyshire has played six matches with one win two losses and four draws. With the points of 60.0 they are at the number 6th spot in the scoreboard. They have just changed their bowling lineup a little bit and the rest of the lineup remains the same as usual.

The match will take place 11 June, 2015 at Northampton ground. This is shaping to be the most talk about match in the county championship. We will post the highlights of the match on our website. So, Stay tuned for more cricket action from all over the world.

Northamptonshire vs Derbyshire - Cricket Highlights - 2015

Northamptonshire vs Derbyshire – Cricket Highlights – 2015



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