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Leicestershire vs Yorkshire Cricket Highlights – 26th June 2015 – North Group

Leicestershire vs Yorkshire Cricket Highlights – 26th June 2015 – North Group

This was really a great match which was held between Leicestershire vs Yorkshire.Leicestershire vs Yorkshire Cricket Highlights – 26th June 2015 – North Group. Leic vs york cricket highlights 2015

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Highlights of match will be uploaded here soon!



Today, we are going to discuss an upcoming match between Leicestershire and Yorkshire teams. It will be division one versus division two match and it will take place on 26 June on Grace Road Leicester stadium. Ever since the beginning of the county championship matches these two teams have been performing consistently on a high note where we can see them now as top notch teams of the today’s cricket. Both team are best in their primes and are playing very flawlessly over the past few years in the county championship tournament.

That is why we get the chance to interview both team captains about their upcoming match where they share their future goals and strategies of how well they will perform against each other. Leicestershire team captain said that it’s been a great experience playing among-st some of the best young and talented players who has teach us so many things about cricket although T20 has never been so much that great and awesome but this will be a great chance for us to beat the division two’s top team to emerge on the top.

Yorkshire team captain also said that we are very proud to announce that we are bringing our A game to the match we normally does in our every match but this is so much important for us in so many ways. And we like to express our feelings and by sharing that we will deliver what we say we can and this upcoming match you’ll see a different side of from us. With that said both team captains come close and shake their hands and wish the very best of luck to each other for the upcoming match. Now, let’s take a look at both team’s current position and points in the scoreboard.

Leicestershire Team

Leicestershire has played 8 matches with one win five losses and two draws. With the points of 64.0 they are at the number eight spot in the scoreboard. Apparently they have made no new changes in their lineup all remains the same for them as per schedule.

Yorkshire Team

Yorkshire has played seven matches with four wins three draws and zero loss. With the points of 122.0 they are at the number two spot in the scoreboard at the moment. They have made a few changes in their lineup by making change their bowling formation time after time for their upcoming match.

We will post the highlights of match on our website. If you want to learn more about upcoming county championship matches then stay tuned to know more about it because we are going to unveil everything for you on our website.

Leicestershire vs Yorkshire Match highlights 2015

Leicestershire vs Yorkshire Match highlights 2015



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