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Lancashire vs Worcestershire Match Prediction – 2015 18th june – North Group

Lancashire vs Worcestershire Match Prediction – 2015

Lancashire vs Worcestershire Match Prediction – 2015 18th June – North Group

Toss Prediction

Worcestershire team will win this toss.

Today Prediction

Worcestershire team has more chances for win this match.

Head To Head

No history of both teams are here to discus.Because these team have played little bit matches with each other.

Weather Report

According to BBC,the weather will be hot.But teams can play no need to take tension about that.

Pitch Report

  • In Good condition
  • Betting Pitch
  • Little bit slippery


Today, we will discuss another super exciting upcoming match between Lancashire and Worcestershire. This will be division one versus division two matches and it is shaping up to be the best one of them all with so much on the line for Worcestershire. We would like to tell our readers that ever since the beginning of the county championship matches both teams have played with full force and pure heart. Lancashire is on quite a role these days they have dominated the entire division one and win the most matches than any other team in the tournament.

Earlier this week both team captains were presented in the press conference that was held just to give the media the briefing of some upcoming matches. Lancashire team captain said that it is our honor and privilege to play in this year’s county championship and do our best to win the tournament. Everyone has their dreams and goals to catch our is to take out team on international level where we can considered as the top notch in our game and be listed among-st the great teams in the entire cricket world. We also know that it is not very easy to accomplish such goals we always start from a little and make it more and more by the passage of time until we get succeed in our own goals.

That is when people and fans across the world will recognize your passion and cheer for you as the best in the world. Worcestershire team captain also said that we are being giving this chance to play with the best team of entire county tournament because they have more wins not because of luck but with hard work and purr dedication through playing. We can all see that how great is to have that type of enthusiasm and charisma to be on top on your game. We will make sure to make proud our division two by winning this gigantic upcoming match. With that said both team captains shake their hands and wish the very best of luck to each other for their match. Now, let’s have a look on both team’s current points and position in the scoreboard.

Lancashire Team

Lancashire has played eight matches with five wins one loss and two draws they have the most wins than any other team right now. With the best points of 144.0 they are at the number one spot in the scoreboard. It looks like their lineup is looking strong so they will not make any extra changes all remains the same for them.

Worcestershire Team

Worcestershire has played six matches with one win four losses and one draw. With the average points of 58.0 they are right at the number eight spot right now. They have made a few adjustments in their lineup by changing their batting and bowling strategies at the same time.

We will post the highlights of the match on our website. If you want to know more about county championship matches previews and news then stay tuned for more information that will be coming soon.

Lancashire vs Worcestershire Match Prediction - 2015  - North Group

Lancashire vs Worcestershire Match Prediction – 2015 – North Group



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