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Kent vs Gloucestershire – Cricket Highlights – 5th june 2015

Kent vs Gloucestershire 2015

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Cricket Highlights

Highlights of this match will be uploaded right after the match.


Today, we will talk about match between Kent and Gloucestershire. This is a division 2 match of the county championship 2015. Ever since the beginning of the county series these two teams have seen many ups and downs throughout the tournament because they have many changes in the match and because of having new comers gives them a slightly edge on them. Their performances have been very persistent at many matches that are they have come to face each other now. In an interview with the media about their upcoming match both team captains were presented and share some few words about their match and how they will prevail against one another at the tournament.

Kent captains said that we have played many matches when we first entered the county championship with almost new batmen, the one thing that you face very difficult is to overcome the crowd reaction towards you may be out there in the field ready to perform your best with full courage but you can’t simply can’t let your focus down because even if you do that you are taking the whole team down with you. One man’s mistake could cause the entire match but we have done our home work and fully understand how we will have take actions because winning a match is totally depend on team’s efforts. Gloucestershire team captain also said that whenever you play county championship you always looking forward to for some competition that you could make your skills more polish in every match so one day you could proudly say that you are one of those people who really look up to you as follower in every ways. So it is very important that you always think that whenever you are playing a match you have to think that it is your last one so you totally perform the best in front of the other cheering crowd. These were the words that they share with us and shake their hands and wish good luck to each other for the match. Now, let’s take a look at the tale and tape of the both teams.

Kent team

Kent has played six matches in the entire tournament and have won just one match with three loses and two draws they have made their spot at number eight with 54.0 points. They have made no changes for the match their lineup is same as usual.

Gloucestershire team

Gloucestershire has made a good progress after playing some matches they have played six matches with two wins two losses and two draws. Their current points are 67.0 which make them at the 4th place in the tournament. Their batting lineup is still the same however they have made quite adjustments in the bowling department.

These are some of the real facts that we like to share with you. We will post the highlights of the match in our website. If you are a fan of cricket then you wouldn’t want to miss this exciting match. For more information about cricket keep visiting our website.

Kent vs Gloucestershire cricket highlights

Kent vs Gloucestershire cricket highlights



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