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Kent vs Essex Match Prediction – 2015 18th June – South Group

Kent vs Essex Match Prediction – 2015

Kent vs Essex Match Prediction – 2015 18th June – South Group

Toss Prediction

Essex team will win the toss.

Today Prediction

Our prediction is that Kent team will win the match.Lets see what happens!

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Head To Head

No head to head history available here for discus.These teams will play match at St Lawrence Ground, Canterbury for first time.

Weather Report

Weather will be remain same as can not impact on match.So enjoy!


Today, we will be discussing another great match in the county match series between Kent and Essex. It will be 2nd division match and will be the last opportunity for both teams to make a great come back in the tournament. Ever since the start of the county championship matches these two teams are continuously performing very persistent lately in the some matches they have never been showed so much aggressive side of theirs in any match yet and they will be going one another to see who’s will and determination will beat the whom. It has been seen that Essex has been doing some good recently in their match after losing so many matches on after another now it will be great to see how these two teams will play against each other in the upcoming match.

Earlier this week with an interview both team captains were presented at the press conference where they share their quick words with us by telling us how they are feeling by having the least bottom positions and what are their plans to rise to the occasion once again. Kent team captain said that we are we now understand what is the true feeling of being going to the bottom once again it was just last year when we were at the number two spot in the county championship, but unfortunately luck is never on your side it always keep changing in dramatic ways and so has ours, but we know how to rise up once again on our work we have done our home work good this time and you will see it in the ground when we best Essex in the match.

Essex team captain also said that this will be a good chance for us to make a great come back even though there are some reasons that our team just couldn’t make it to the top this time but we can assure you that we will prevail one more time and will dominate the entire tournament. You might say that we have given our best but in T20 matches you it needs more than luck to survive and we will do it once more time. After sharing these words both teams captain cam e to each other and wish each other the very best of luck for the final opportunity to reclaim at the back of the tournament. Now, let’s take a look at their positions and points in the scoreboard.

Kent Team

Kent has played seven matches with one win four losses and two draws. With the points of 58.0 they are number eight spot in the scoreboard. They have made no new changes in their lineup all remains the same for them.

Essex Team

Essex has played six matches with one win three losses and two draws. With the least average points of 50.0 they are at the number nine position. They have made a slight changes in their current lineup nothing major changed all remains the same for the rest of the team.

We will post the highlights of match on our website. You can get daily updates on every single county matches and latest cricket news on our website.

Kent vs Essex Match Prediction - 2015 - South Group

Kent vs Essex Match Prediction – 2015 – South Group



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