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Ireland vs Scotland 3rd T20 Match Prediction 2015 – 21st June 2015

Ireland vs Scotland 3rd T20 Match Prediction 2015

Toss Prediction

Scotland will win this toss.

Today Prediction

We will predict that Ireland team has more chances to win this match.Due to the previous performance in cricket matches.

Head To Head

Weather Report

According to weather forecast,the weather is cloudy,and it will not impact on cricket match.

Pitch Report

Pitch is really great for bat.Condition of pitch is that it has little bit scratches on it.But can easily bear bowler strike.This pitch can no more impact on bowling.


Now, we will be discussing another super excited upcoming match between Ireland and Scotland. It will be the 3rd T20 match and it is going to be a spectacular that no one will never ever forget. There is quite a buzz around here about the this match and how they will going to react media and critics are looking forward to this one even we have so much interest in this T20 series. People are wondering who will come victorious because this is not an ordinary T20 match both teams are very capable of winning the confidential title trophy. Nobody wants to see the any other match but this one. It looks like these teams have managed to catch all the fame and favoritism on their sides.

Where you go they are talking about Ireland and Scotland squared off each other. That is why earlier this week we get the chance to uncover the hidden truth behind their rivalry and manage to talk with the co captains of the each team let’s check it out what they have to say about their upcoming match. Ireland team captain said that we have never ever given so much praised then we are receiving now because there was a time when our talent was not being so acknowledged by any big media or jury we were performing on a persistent level and truth to be told yes there I a time comes when you get the chance to make everything right and make your terms work on your own.

It’s like rewriting the history again because the captains before who lead the Ireland team was never get too much attention over the past couple of years but now it is our time our time to shine on the horizon once again by winning this T20 series. Scotland team captain share some of his memorable moments with us by telling us that we considered ourselves very fortunate that we are facing Ireland people think that we are the both teams who never gets too much attention because we lack the sole purpose and wisdom of playing in any cricket match. Now we will make everything right and will clear to everyone that Scotland is here and is here to stay forever. With that both teams’ captains shake their hands and wish the very best of luck to each other for the upcoming T20 series. Now, let’s check their present line up for the matches.

Ireland Team

Ireland has been on a great roll and they have made a few adjustments in their batting lineup this time. It will be great to see how this time they play around as they say so.

Scotland Team

Scotland is going with its old team format and made their lineup very strong in every ways and rests of the remains same as per schedule.

We will post all the highlights of the match in our website. If you want to know more about the series and know what is latest is going on cricket world then keep visiting our website.

Ireland vs Scotland 3rd T20 Match Prediction 2015

Ireland vs Scotland 3rd T20 Match Prediction 2015



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