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Hampshire vs Sussex Match Prediction – 2015 19th June – South Group

Hampshire vs Sussex Match Prediction – 2015 19th June – South Group

.This match will be played at Southampton,which is the city name.Hampshire vs Sussex Match Prediction – 2015 19th June – South Group

Toss Prediction

Hampshire team will win this toss.

Match Prediction

Our experts prediction is that,Sussex team  has more chances to win this match.

Weather Report

According to weather forecast,Weather will little bit cool airy.which is best weather for match.

Head To Head

  • Hampshire Team
  • Hampshire team has played seven matches with one win two losses and four draws. With the score of 69.0 pints they are at the number six position in the scoreboard. They presently are making no new changes in their lineup all remains the same for them according to their schedule.
  • Sussex Team
  • Sussex has played seven matches with three wins four losses and zero draw. With the points of 80.0 they are one step ahead of Hampshire in the number five spot right now. They are making some changes in their lineup by improving their opening’s batsmen changing and bowling strategies for the upcoming match.


Now, we will be discussing another cool upcoming match between Hampshire and Sussex. This will be a division one match and is shaping up to be a quite an awesome one right now. This match is the highly anticipated from any other county matches because last year these teams stole the show by giving us some memorable performances that we can’t forget till date. We know these teams background from many years now they always put everything on the line to risk it all and win it all this is the motto that they believe in.

Now, this time these teams have been given another chance to impress the whole teams in the tournament by their epic and good game plan that we all love to see because in cricket there is something about specific person that we like the most about and this is the reason why they have been chosen once again to perform at their very best. Earlier this week we get the chance to talk with both team captains and they share some of their old memories and new tactic’s about how they will go to perform against each other.

Hampshire team captain said that if you look at our current positions in the scoreboard then you can see that we are behind each other even they are one step ahead from us that doesn’t mean that we are not better than them. It is last year when we were two steps ahead from them and now this time we will try to win this match and go on to face the nest team make our ranks more good and better every time.

You can expect some more great performance this time from us. Sussex team captain also said that in some teams there are some things that are very familiar that you can judge them by their appearances and we are going to make a difference this time not only win the match but to stole the show once again. With that both team captains come together shake their hands and wish the very best of luck to each other for the upcoming match. Now, let’s take a look at both teams current position holdings in the scoreboard.

We will post the highlights of the match in our website. To know more about latest county championship matches list and cricket new keep visiting our website.

Hampshire vs Sussex Match Prediction - 2015

Hampshire vs Sussex Match Prediction – 2015



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