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Gloucestershire vs Sussex cricket Highlights – 26th June 2015 – South Group

Gloucestershire vs Sussex cricket Highlights – 26th June 2015 – South Group

It was a great match between Gloucestershire vs Sussex.Gloucestershire vs Sussex cricket Highlights – 26th June 2015 – South Group. Gloucs vs sus cricket highlights 2015.You can see the Cricket Highlights of this match below:

Cricket Highlights

Cricket Highlights of this match will be uploaded soon!Stay visiting CricFlip.



Today, we are going to discuss another upcoming great match between Gloucestershire and Sussex teams. This will be a division one versus division two matches and will take place on 26 June, 2015. This is a match that everybody wanted to see form the beginning of the county championship. Both teams are highly skilled and talented with a lot to offer in their ways. There is quite a buzz in the media about county tournament taking a very different angle because here we have seen division one going up against division two teams this something that never have done before but now it is certainly making so many people proud and happy because it gives them enough chance to rise to the occasion one more time and play like there is nothing left for them. In an interview both team captains were presented and we get the opportunity to talk with them and they share some of their great experiences and related to counties and memories with us. Gloucestershire team captain said that it has been a long journey for me to stay here and play cricket because now playing county and then is very different because those times you were able to predict every move of your opponent team and could come up with the right solution in many occasions while facing them. But this time you get one chance to submit your name in the history books as who emerges as victorious and who doesn’t. And this upcoming match we will have our own victory moment once ends for all. Sussex team captain also said that after winning the last match all I can say is that we are more than ready and can strike twice there is a saying lightening never twice again but for us it really does. You shall see how much we have changed and evolve as a team and the result you will see in the ground in our upcoming match against Gloucestershire. Now, let’s have a look at both team’s present positions and points in the scoreboard.


Gloucestershire has played eight matches with two wins four loss and two draws. With the points of 75.0 they are at the number seven spot in the scoreboard. They have made a few adjustments in their lineup by changing their fielding positions and tactics only for this match.

Sussex Team

Sussex has played eight matches with three wins and five losses and zero draw. With the points of 84.0 they are at the number six spot in the scoreboard right now. It appears they have made no new changes for the match their old lineup is looking pretty strong and confidence.

Weather and pitch report Team

It has been seen that the pitch condition is looking pretty much we reserved and sustained for the upcoming match. The weather is also looking very bright and cloudy but the match will go on with the specific date as mentioned.

We will post the highlights of the match on our website. If you are either fan of both teams then you certainly won’t want to miss this action packed match.

Gloucestershire vs Sussex Match Highlights 2015

Gloucestershire vs Sussex Match Highlights 2015



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