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Glamorgan vs Sussex Cricket Highlights – 21st june 2015 – South Group

Glamorgan vs Sussex Cricket Highlights – 21st June 2015 – South Group

This was a great match,which was held between Glamorgan vs Sussex.Glamorgan vs Sussex Cricket Highlights – 21st June 2015 – South Group.Glam vs Sus cricket highlights 2015

Cricket Highlights

cricket highlights of this cricket match will be updated soon.


Today, we will be going to discussing an excited upcoming match between Glamorgan and Sussex teams. This will going to be division one versus division two match and is going to be an classic one. After a long period of time these teams have agreed to face each other in the upcoming match that will determine the fate of both teams. Although they are from different divisions but their playing style and techniques are still remains the same on many levels. Both teams are best in their primes and can hold to the position as the number one in the entire tournament as well.

That is why we get the chance to interview both team captains in the press conference where they smilingly give a glimpse of their upcoming match that how much they are really predictable this time around. We surely got a lot of experience from those two individuals as competitor in so many levels. Glamorgan team captain said that there is one time comes in players life when they feel that they have accomplished everything and they just left it portraying that they have got nothing to prove to anyone else but this is not true because if you are cricketer and have passion to play it then you have to put everything on the line and left everything in the middle of the ground you r blood, sweat and everything beats for one thing is the will to never give up and play as solid as you can and we are fully confident about our upcoming match against the opposite we equally have respect for each other in so many levels as well.

Sussex team captain said that even we are from another division and can’t understand how they will play because if you play with one same team you get to know everything about them and you can come up with counter measures that are very effective to help you in your every match. We hope that we will be worthy of our words and will deliver it as we promise to win our upcoming match. With that said both team captains come together and shake their hands and wish the very best of luck to each other for their upcoming classic match. Now, let’s see both team’s current positions and points in the scoreboard.

Glamorgan Team

Glamorgan has played seven matches with three wins zero loss and four draws. With the points of 107.0 they are at the number three spot in the scoreboard of division two right now. They have made a few changes in their lineup and rest all remains the same for them as per schedule.

Sussex Team

Sussex has played eight matches with three wins five losses and zero draw. With the points of 84.0 they are at the number five spot in the scoreboard of division one. It seems that their lineup is looking pretty strong and they are making no new changes for the upcoming match.

We will post all the highlights of the match on our website. So stay tuned for more cricket action and cricket news on our website.

Glamorgan vs Sussex cricket highlights 2015

Glamorgan vs Sussex cricket highlights 2015



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