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Glamorgan vs Middlesex – Match Prediction – 5th June 2015

Glamorgan vs Middlesex 2015

This is a match that will hook you up entire match with so much awesome moments to come in this match. We will keep you up to date and will post all the highlights of this incredible match in our website. So, stays tuned for more cricket action and witness the birth of new era in the county championship.

Toss Prediction

Today our prediction is that Glamorgan team will have more chances to win toss.


Our expert prediction is that Glamorgan team has more chances to win this match.


Now, we will discuss another super exciting upcoming match between Glamorgan and Middlesex. This is also division one vs. division two match. We would like to tell our readers Is that ever since the beginning of the county championship tournament, these two teams have dominated quite a lot in their paths. None of the teams have lost any matches they have played in the tournament. They are very well focused and determined to win the title as county champion. Now the time has come for both teams to face each other in one of the most talk about matches in the county history. In an interview both team captains were presented in front of media and share some of the their personal memories about how they really want to grow up as a cricketer in their childhood and what will be outcome of their upcoming match.  Glamorgan captain Graham Wagg said that they are determined to win the match because it will act like as a boost for their team to take one more step closer to their goal. They are concentrated in the match where there is so much on the line for both teams. They always want to face an worth opponent that could give them a competition so they could test their limits in every way possible so they can polish their own techniques and ways to understand them. Cricket is the game that is played by now on a international level where you need to struggle from the bottom to the top of the mountain where there is no need for any critics for you to judge you anymore. Everyone just loves you the way you are. Middlesex team captain said that when you ever enter in any competition you always have someone in your mind to beat them and we know Glamorgan is the team that will give us the tough competition in the entire tournament and now we are given this chance to play our best against the opposing that we wanted to play for a long time. This will give the crowd something to remember for a long time. Let’s take a look at both team’s current achievements and scores in the tournament.

Glamorgan team

Glamrgam has played six matches with two wins and four draws they have not lose any match in the tournament. With the points of 84.0 points they are at number 3rd spot in the division 2. They have made no changes for the match all remains the same as lineup.

Middlesex team

Middlesex has played six matches and won three and three draws they also have not lose any match in the entire tournament. With the perfect points of 94.0 they have earn the right to stay at the 1st position in the division one. They have also made no changes in their lineup.

Glamorgan vs Middlesex Match Prediction

Glamorgan vs Middlesex Match Prediction




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