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England vs New Zealand Only T20I – Cricket Highlights – 23rd June 2015

England vs New Zealand Only T20I – Cricket Highlights – 23rd June 2015

This match has been played in Manchester at Old Trafford .England vs New Zealand Only T20I – Cricket Highlights – 23rd June 2015.Eng vs NZ t20I cricket highlights 2015.

Cricket Highlights

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Today, we will discuss an upcoming match between England and New Zealand. It will be a T20 match and will take place at 23rd June. It is a match that everyone is really talking about because after seeing the performance of time from these two teams it looks like they have raised the bar up so high in the T20 matches. We all know that how much T20 match is mean for every team that you have to work hard move fast and a fast paced action that you can’t forget because it has all the things you want to see and when it comes to these two individual teams they surely know how to steal the show. After playing the last match we can expect a lot from these two teams. T

hey are best in the prime since they have entered in the cricket world and a lot of history and familiar things which makes them more common than anything. That is why earlier in a press conference both team captains were presented and we get the chance to talk about their upcoming match and have them share their some of their memorable things about their passion to play cricket all that you can see from a true cricketers. England team captain Ion Morgan said that my team mates are getting more improved and catchy these days they certainly know how much the pressure is on and we really know how to control it.

we are fully confident about our clash with new Zealand this upcoming match and we can assure you that this is only the arm up to us we are preparing for the real international T20 match tournament there we can truly show our true strength in every ways. New Zealand team captain also said that after losing to England we have come to know that T20 matches are not to be taken lightly because they take out your more potential and test your will in every way possible this time things will be different and we will deliver our best to win the match. With that said both team captains shake their hands and wish the very best of luck to each other for the upcoming match. Now, let’s take a look at both teams current lineup that how they will be going to make an impact in their match.

England Team

England has won the first T20 match against New Zealand and because of that they are not making any particular changes in their lineup they are going with the same because their lineup is looking pretty strong in so many ways.

New Zealand Team

New Zealand has made a few changes in their lineup and is improving their batting skills as well as learning from their last defeating how to come back in their next upcoming match.

We will post all the highlights of the match on our website CricFlip.If you are fan of either team then you certainly don’t want to miss this one. We will keep you up to date about every single match that is happening in the cricket world.

England vs New Zealand Only T20I - Cricket Highlights -  2015

England vs New Zealand Only T20I – Cricket Highlights – 2015



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