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England vs New Zealand – Cricket Preview – 1st ODI – 9th June 2015

England vs New Zealand 1st ODI – 2015

Both teams have played three match already.This is the 4th match between England vs New Zealand.In previous matches the progress of New Zealand are very good.they have won two matches already.

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England vs New Zealand  1st ODI Prediction

Match Preview

Today, we will discuss about the most talk about upcoming match between England and New Zealand. It is five one day international series and one T20 match. We all know that when we see these two teams we always want to see something that is spectacular and awesome in the same way. We also know that both teams have accomplished something in their primes and so there in grand abilities are far from over yet they truly define their expectations between these teams. ODI series is the best way to judge every individual team’s capabilities because it is something that can be measured into a whole lot more than you can ever expect. Earlier in an interview where both team captains were presented in the press conference they share some of their thoughts and personal interest for the upcoming match that can truly defy their persona as a captain. England captain said that cricket is a game that always tests your limits and minds because it is a game that if the luck is in your side then you can conquer anything. We have been playing it for a very long time and we have seen our ups and downs in every way and we have come to know that each team that you face will left you something that will remember for the rest of your lifetime. You one day play with other team and after the match you had memories coming back to you about how you performed and what was the reaction of the juries and then you understand that what you really accomplish that day now the people starting to realize your inner potential. New Zealand captain Brendon McCollum says that we are hoping very high expectation leading to our match against England. It’s been so many years that we are facing in so many tournaments and matches its time that we write our own legacy in the history of cricket.  We never thought that playing cricket will give us so many benefits it is now have become the game of patriots people now see us as the hero of the nation. We proudly smile and see that fans are looking up to us where there is a chance that you sell your merchandise or sell bats with autographs they still recognize you as the true batman as you really are right now. With that said both team captains shake their hand and wish the very best of luck to each other. Now let’s take a look at the both teams lineup for the upcoming 1st ODI match this Tuesday 9 June, 2015 at Birmingham stadium.

England Team

England has made no new changes in their lineup their first order of playing is to make sure to make their opening strong in every ways.

New Zealand Team

New Zealand has made some new changes in their bowling and fielding lineup and rest of them all remains the same as schedule.

We will post all the highlights of the match in our website, so stay tuned for more cricket updates on our website.

England v New Zealand - cricket preview- 1st ODI - 9th June 2015

England v New Zealand – cricket preview- 1st ODI – 9th June 2015



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