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England vs New Zealand – Cricket Prediction – 1st ODI – 9th June 2015

England vs New Zealand 1st ODI – 2015

It will be the greatest match because England vs New Zealand both have strong players to play.It will be the 1st ODI between England vs New Zealand.New Zealand vs England prediction.

England vs New Zealand – 1st ODI –  Preview

Toss Prediction

England team has more chance to win the toss and elect to field first.

Cricket Prediction

We will predict that England team will win this match.


Today, we will discuss about one of the most anticipated upcoming matches between England and New Zealand. For the past many years we have seen these two teams facing ups and downs in their prime and this time they are about to go toe to toe against each other. For those of you who don’t know that England and New Zealand have faced each other last year in a same ODI series and New Zealand were victorious in every ways. It will be exciting to see these two teams collide one more time with so much on the line one more. Earlier, this week we get the privilege to interview both team captains about their upcoming match to see what they have to share with us and what will be their plans and strategies to conquer one another this time. England team captain Alastair Cook said that ever since our defeat at the hands of new Zealand we are very determined to win the upcoming series we are being working hard every single day trying to push our limits and will to beat the new Zealand in a fare and square match. New Zealand is no doubt is a very strong team when you talk about playing ODI with them you have to focus on the task in hand not to spoil it we underestimated them and we face lost, but now the things have changed our game plan strategy and minds are in full motion we will give our very best in the upcoming match. New Zealand captain Brendon McCollum told us that to win something huge and big you need to fight put it all on the line for one chance to shine once again, when we step in the ground we always thought this is our last match that gives us more ways to polish our skills in the match. We have been playing against England for many times now and we think they are very genuine cricketers and someone that can take us to our limit. With that both team captains shake their hands wishing them all the very best for the match. Now, let’s go back and see some of their past accomplishments against one another.

England Team

England has won the 1st ODI against New Zealand they have won by 124 runs which given them a slightly edge in the upcoming match. They have made no new changes all remains the same for the lineup.

New Zealand Team

New Zealand has won the 2nd ODI against England they have won by 199 runs which make the series 1-1. Their lineup is same us usual their bowling plans have just changed a little bit.

This will be the 3rd ODI between these teams. If you are fan of cricket and want to see some really good cricket then this is the match for you to see. We will post all the highlights of the match in our website, so stay tuned for more cricket action that you will going to enjoy very well.

England vs New Zealand 1st ODI cricket  prediction

England vs New Zealand 1st ODI cricket prediction



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