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England vs New Zealand | 5th ODI | Cricket Highlights | 20th June 2015

England vs New Zealand – 5th ODI – 2015

It was a great match.New Zealand team has won greater matches as compare to England team.England vs New Zealand – 5th ODI – Cricket Highlights.You can see highlights of 5th ODI of Eng vs NZ below:

Cricket Highlights

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Now, we will talk about another tremendous upcoming match between England and New Zealand. It will be going to be 5th one day international and you can expect quite a match from these two teams. Ever since the beginning of the ODI series we have come to see that these two teams have been chosen to playing against one another no matter what you say about them they are definitely the best suitable candidate for each other.

They had a very long history of facing each other in so many occasions that you can’t simply tell the difference that which teams win how many matches. In the past interview we get the privilege to talk with the both team captains to get to the depth of their intense rivalry we need them to share some light on their upcoming ODI series to see what they had to say about each other. England team captain said that we have a very long history of playing one against one another. Every year when new tours are announced we never have been so pumped up to face any team except for New Zealand. They had that charisma and dedication like us to win the big game matches.

Cricket is known to be the game that is capable of pulling over the full potential of every individual in every match and we are proudly can say that we have learn so much from our ancestors who truly teach us how to play cricket we were fortune enough to see the vision they wanted us to see for the future. Then New Zealand team captain said that in the past so many years we have faced England more than any other and we know their game styles and techniques that how they encounters of every moves whether in their batting or in their bowling it is good to see someone who is capable of doing such things and when you speak of our doings we can assure you that this time around we will going to try our very best to win the ODI series. We may have lost the first one but we will try to win the whole series. You can say that it was just a warm up match for us now we are more focused and determined on anything else. Now, let’s take a look at their current line-up for the upcoming match.

England vs New Zealand – 5th ODI – Match Highlights

England vs New Zealand – 5th ODI – Match Highlights



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