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England vs New Zealand – 3rd ODI – Match Prediction – 14th June 2015

England vs New Zealand – 3rd ODI – Match 2015

Both team have played very well in previous matches.England vs New Zealand – 3rd ODI – Match Prediction.3rd ODI of New Zealand vs England will be played at Southampton,on 14th June 2015.

Toss Prediction

England team will win the toss.And elect to play first.

Today Prediction

We will predict that New Zealand team has more chances to win this match.

England vs New Zealand 4th ODI Prediction

Now, this time we will discuss another incredible upcoming match between England and New Zealand. Ever since the beginning of the series between these two teams there is a lot of questions about who really is Asia’s top team. It is not first time that these two great teams have faced each other with so much passion and will to win against one another. We all know that whether you play in your own home ground or go to opposite team home ground and play the fact don’t change that you always left something to remember that fans and the people remember something for the rest of their lives. Cricket has now become more professionally established game than any other sports out there in the world. This time it is England who is going to New Zealand to play five one day internationals and we are now taking about their 3rd upcoming ODI match. All we can say that this series that you will definitely want to see no matter what where you are because it has been seen that England and New Zealand has more fans than any other teams they had a great fan following across the world. Earlier before the tour to the New Zealand a press conference was held and both team captains were presented in the front of the media sharing their opinions and game plans with us of how they will work against each other. England team captain said that about New Zealand they are arguably one of the best teams in the world. When you talk about playing international cricket how can you forgot the name of New Zealand, we know how they well performed in the 2015 World Cup their performances were too elegant and great that everyone was seems to be in the favor of their team. And now we have given this opportunity to face them to make sure we really put our differences aside and work as a team. There is a saying that to beat the best you have to become the best and so we are doing right now. We are very happy to face them in five ODI series and we will make sure to won the whole series with our hard work. New Zealand team captain take praises and replied to him that even though we may have lost one ODI but there are four more to go and we will try our great efforts just like we did in our other matches to won it. We wish them all the very best to both teams to make this series as wonderful reminder for all of us.

England Team

That have won the first ODI match by 210 runs, and it will be good to see how they will perform from now on.

New Zealand Team

New Zealand still has four matches to go to make name for them again and made a great comeback against England. It will be a matter of time when we see them working in their old performances.

England vs New Zealand - 3rd ODI - Match Prediction

England vs New Zealand – 3rd ODI – Match Prediction



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