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England vs New Zealand – 2nd ODI – Cricket Prediction – 12th June 2015

England vs New Zealand – 2nd ODI – 2015

This match will be played on 12th June 2015.England team has won the previous match.Actually there is a tough competition between England vs New Zealand.that’s why there matches are so exiting.New Zealand vs England 2nd ODI Prediction.

Toss Prediction

New Zealand team will win the toss.

Today Prediction

New Zealand team will win the coming 2nd ODI Match.

England vs New Zealand 3rd ODI Prediction

Today, we will talk about another exciting upcoming match between England and New Zealand. It will be 2nd one day international match. After seeing the first one we can now say that that this one is going to be an awesome rivalry that we have seen for many years. People definitely wanted to see these teams in action and by God how they have turned this one out. It was very explosive match both teams tried their very best to win the match  with so much on the line if England has an upper hand in bowling then New Zealand had its batting lineup strong. But in the end it was England who won the 1st ODI and they have won by 210 runs. Now, after winning the match it a press conference were held and both team captains were invited to give some of the briefing to the media about how they will do better in the next upcoming 2nd ODI match. England team captain said that we tried our very best to win the last match with full hard work and there is no denying that New Zealand give us the fight of the life time we never thought the competition would be so tough this time around. Yeah this was our tour to New Zealand but we never ever thought that they were so improving that much. Now, we have to work more hard because winning your first game does not make you a real champion you have to won the whole series in order to show that you have earned the right to call your selves the champions and we will be looking forward to see how they will come up with new strategy and game plan. Then New Zealand captain said that we didn’t quite get the job done we thought we will conquer the series easily but just like we all know that in cricket those teams won who really works hard and dedicate themselves to it. Those who had great passion for this will always are the ones to be victorious. We will try our next time with more flexibility and determination to won the match after all it is our own home ground we can’t bear that someone comes and beat us in our own home ground. We will not allow that this time the things will be different, after saying that both team captains once again come together and shake their hands and wish the very best of luck to each other for the upcoming match. Now let’s take look at the tale of the tape of the both teams.

England Team

England has won the 1st one day international by 210 runs. They have made no new changes in their line-up all remains the same as schedule.

New Zealand Team

After suffering from first loss New Zealand seem to improving their skills in the practice sessions. They have made few changes in their lineup nothing new as usual.

The match will start at 12 June, 2015. We will post the highlights of the match on our website.

England v New Zealand - Match Prediction -  2nd ODI - 12th June 2015

England v New Zealand – Match Prediction – 2nd ODI – 12th June 2015

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