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Durham vs Somerset – Cricket Highlights – 7th June 2015

Durham vs Somerset 2015

It was a great match .which are played between Durham vs Somerset. Teams are not so strong.But players efforts are so good.Durham team performance are great.And winner of this match is also Durham team.Durham vs Somerset cricket highlights.

Cricket Highlights

Highlights of this cricket match will be uploaded soon.stay visit our site for more update.


Let’s talk about most talk about upcoming match between Durham and Somerset. This is also a division 1 match and shaping up to be as great match because a lot of well experienced players are in the each team with a will to carry out their own legend in the match. However, for those of you who don’t know that these both teams share some memorable moments in many county championships in the recent events where they have beaten both of them one other at the same time. Their way of playing and judging each other is tremendously god that neither of them is afraid of any kind of things about each other. In the interview both team captains were presented at the press conference and share some of the thoughtful words with us. Durham team captain said that as captain of the team it is your responsibility to make sure that you defend your honor and pride when you are playing because there are so many people watching you cheering for you willing to see you all you got to deliver the best you had in your body. People used to love these types of players who have sole determination of will to win any match in their entire life. When you are little you always dream something in your life to achieve certain goals mine was to become the greatest cricketer of all time and in order to do that you have to work hard day in and night out so one day you can see yourself at the top of your game. Somerset captain said that we have been here for long time than any other team we know that in some matches we were not good enough to give our best we completely understand that many people and fans are out there hoping for us and cheering to see their favorite team rise up to the occasion but we now understand how to deal with this kind of thing to give the fans what they really want to see After saying that both of them came close together and shake their hands with a smile and wish each other the very best for their match. Now, let’s take a look at the tale of the tape of both teams.


This will be Durham’s second match in the night all the speculations remain the same for them. They had to defend their number two spot again to prove that why they really are the deserving champions. No big changes.


Somerset has played five matches and has won just one match with three losses and one draw. With the score of 52.0 they have made the number of eight spot in the scoreboard, of their players is injured and they have to make some changes in their lineup to make a comeback again in the tournament.

It will be so exciting to see Durham play another match in one night. We will keep you up to date about all the upcoming matches of the county championship 2015.

Durham vs Somerset - cricket highlights - 7th June 2015

Durham vs Somerset – cricket highlights – 7th June 2015



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