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Durham vs Leicestershire Match Prediction – 3rd July 2015 – North Group

Durham vs Leicestershire Match Prediction – 3rd July 2015

This match will be held between Durham vs Leicestershire.It will be the great match.Durham vs. Leicestershire Match Prediction – 3rd July 2015 – North Group.Dur vs Leices match prediction 2015.Durham vs. Leicestershire cricket highlights 2015.

Toss Prediction

Durham team will win this toss.

Match Prediction

Leicestershire team will win this match.

Head To Head

  • Durham Team
  • Durham has played nine matches with six wins and three losses and zero draws. With the points of 134.0 they are at the number two spot in the division one scoreboard. They have made no new changes in their lineup it is already looking so strong and well reserved.
  • Leicestershire Team
  • Leicestershire has played nine matches with one win six losses and two draws. With points of 69.0 they are at the number eight spot in the division two scoreboards. They have made a few changes in their lineup by changing their batting order and positions simultaneously.

Weather and Pitch report

It looks like weather is looking pretty well and sunny this time. Both teams will perform live on July 3rd, 2015. The pitch is looking very decent and soft let’s on which side it will work. Both teams are expert using the pitch environment let’s hope we get to see a great match.


Today, we are going to discuss another super excited upcoming match between Durham and Leicestershire teams. This will be division one versus division two match and is shaping up to be bigger than we expected. It has been a long time since the county has been started its journey where we so many great teams performing their best and fight the chance to win the tournament as to get recognized by all the other people in the cricket world. These two teams have been working really hard and work their way to the top as a blink of an eye.

Earlier this week in a press conference we get the chance to interview both team captains about their highly anticipated match they share their thoughts and strategies of how they will win this one with so much of ease and we were amazed that what they told us. Durham team captain said that it is been a long time since we have playing in the county championship and we have faced almost every single team and beat them it doesn’t matter whether they opposite team is strong or weak you need to focused on your goal and win the match this is the only way that you be victorious because one victory means nothing unless you prove your efforts and make your way top at the glory.

Leicestershire team captain also said that we are more than happy to face the best team of division one who has so much potential and knowledge about cricket. I think playing against with some of the great teams will certainly makes you change your way  because you get the chance to improve your skills and your weak spots get open at you where were you making mistakes and this time we will try our level best to win the upcoming match. With that said both team captains come close and shake their hands and wish the very best of luck to each other for their highly anticipated match. Now, let’s see both team’s present lineup and points in the scoreboard.

Durham vs. Leicestershire Match Prediction - 3rd July 2015

Durham vs. Leicestershire Match Prediction – 3rd July 2015




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