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Derbyshire vs Gloucestershire – Preview – 31st may 2015

Derbyshire vs Gloucestershire 2015

The match will take place on 31st may, 2015 at Gloucestershire home ground. The time of the match is too started at 11 pm (EST). This is division two matches and will be the first to be under way. Derbyshire vs Gloucestershire -Preview

Match Preview

Today, we will discuss another exciting upcoming match between Derbyshire and Gloucestershire. This is a division two match and it is shaping up to be a marvelous competition. Since the beginning of the county championship these two teams have given their best to the cricket world with their performances it is said that they are the most experienced and talented teams in the entire tournament right now. Earlier this week both teams captains were presented and were interviewed by the media journalists that said that our journey as cricketer were started from playing county championship in the early stages of our career, further more the captain of Derbyshire Simon Kerrigan said that it would an honor to play against one of the greatest teams this year because we can learn a lot from these guys of how they play and make their own strategize way to win the matches. People often think that by playing in the international cricket can give us more experience but the truth to be told the real experience starts from here because every person always start from bottom and reach the higher goals later. Just like Gloucestershire captain share some word with us by telling that our role in here is to promote cricket at its best because if we today, put all our efforts and enthusiasm in cricket then in the future all the new youngsters will be able to respect the game and play it with full honesty and liberty. No matter in what corner you go cricket is being played by everyone and loved by all the fans. With that said both teams captains shake their hands and wish good luck to each other for the upcoming match against each other. Let’s take a look at the tale of tape of the match of both teams.

Derbyshire team:

Derbyshire has played five matches and won one match with two losses and two draws, with an average score on the board 52.0 they are at number 7 spot right now. Currently they are going with the old team they have made no changes right now and are able to perform their best in the ground.

Gloucestershire team:

Gloucestershire team has played five matches and has won two matches with two losses and one draw, their current score on the board is 59.0 which make their spot at number five. Their lineup is same as usual and they have made some arrangements in their bowling lineup it will be awesome to see how they will coexist in their upcoming match.

These are some of the main points of the math that we point out for you. We will be post all the highlights of the match for the fans so stay tuned to see more action and incredible moments in cricket.

Derbyshire vs Gloucestershire Match Preview

Derbyshire vs Gloucestershire Match Preview



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