Where Have You Been?

Where Have You Been?

Why has the Anonabox Newsletter & Blog been especially quiet of late? I’m here to claim that our silence has been a product of our behind-the-scenes efforts. We remain as excited as ever and committed to producing the most feature-rich privacy and internet freedom device on the market. To help convey that, here is a little overview of what we’ve been doing [...]

Controlling Tor Exit Nodes

Controlling Tor Exit Nodes

If you’ve ever been into a casino and risked your own hard earned money, you’re well aware of the consequences of random outcomes – you just can’t control it. At the casino, most will either accept this and play, or walk away, why a few will try and work out strategies. I do not come bearing any gambling strategies, but I am here to tell you that within the random nature of the Tor network, there are a few things you can do to influence the outcome. We’re talking of course about added control over your Tor exit nodes [...]

Anonabox Partners with Ingram Micro for Big Box Retail Distribution

Anonabox Announces Alliance With Ingram Micro

Consumers interested in Anonabox can currently purchase a privacy device on its revamped website—and soon at nearby retailers. Anonabox (which supplies Tor and VPN routers to maintain online privacy) today announced an agreement with Ingram Micro Inc., a Fortune 100 company that delivers a full spectrum of global technology and supply chain services to businesses around the world, opening the door for Anonabox devices to be sold in retail stores across the United States and abroad. [...]

Anonabox Launches Three New Privacy Products & Partners With HideMyAss! to Use Their HMA! VPN Pro Service

Eleven months after introducing the original Tor privacy router, Anonabox is adding three new devices, each offering the user upgraded security capabilities and unique features, including an Admin Interface. The new devices (designated Tunneler, Fawkes and Anonabox PRO) can now be pre-ordered on the updated Anonabox website. The Anonabox Original is also still available at a discounted price. [...]

When there is blood in the streets...buy! Part 1/3

My name is Marc and I am the new CEO of Anonabox. Recently, we (Sochule Inc) acquired Anonabox as a strategic addition to our portfolio. Sochule Inc is the recently formed parent company of Social Media 180, HelloTel App, Sweepify, ProximiTel and now Anonabox LLC. Over the last 7 years, our subsidiaries have partnered with numerous Fortune 500s, celebrities and movie studios to meet and exceed internal goals through brilliant digital campaigns. [...]