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Bangladesh vs India | 2nd ODI | Cricket Highlights |2015

Bangladesh vs India | 2nd ODI | 2015

This match was an exiting match ever.Bangladesh vs India | 2nd ODI | Cricket Highlights |2015.Bangladesh team is so week team.But in this match they has played very well.Ban vs ind 2nd ODI highlights 2015 are given below must watch.

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Today, we will discuss about an upcoming match between Bangladesh and India. It is a really highly anticipated match and shaping up to be this year’s biggest matches of all time. We know that India and Bangladesh always come together to face each other every year in a tour. Whether, they come to India or they go to Bangladesh everyone is really excited to see them facing each other on many events. In the past many years both teams have performed very brilliantly and that is why they have gain so much respect and fame because of it.

People usually think that it is not what we expect from these teams but how they have worked as unit is quite awesome. In an interview both team captains were presented and they share some of their memorable and shed some light on their upcoming 2nd ODI match that how they will work together in this one. Bangladesh captain said that ever since we have faced Pakistan we are more than confident and we now understand that how we wanted to play India and Pakistan are the best teams in the world. They have more experienced and talented players in the rosters that can equally match the potential of anyone big team. We have learned a lot from them and we will make sure that this year just like we did a good job against Pakistan we do the same with India.

This time we will make sure to leave up to the expectations of our fans we know there are so many people who are counting on us and they need to see that Bangladesh rising to the occasion one more time with pure hard work and dedication. India captain also said that we are more than happy to perform in Bangladesh home ground it is something that we never miss the crowd and the signs that made us crazy about it we always felt something prosperous and with joy. This year this very special for us because we get to fight with the best team who is working consistently on the ground with pure heart and determination. We are looking forward to expect a great game from their side. With that said both team captains shake their hands and wish the very best of luck to each other. Now, let’s take a look at their current lineup and working strategies for the upcoming matches.

Bangladesh vs India | 2nd ODI | Cricket Highlights

Bangladesh vs India | 2nd ODI | Cricket Highlights



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