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Bangladesh vs India – 1st Test – Cricket Preview – 10th June 2015

Bangladesh vs India 1st Test – 2015

India team is more powerful as compare to Bangladesh team.anyways it will the best game between Bangladesh vs India.

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Match Preview

Now, we will talk about another exciting upcoming match between Bangladesh and India. It is a first test match between these two teams and it is quite shaping up to be an awesome some. We all know that both teams are really good and they are very well known in their own game. Cricket this year is going to be absolutely delighted for the fans across the globe. Bangladesh and India has been very active recently by going into lots of tours and face so many teams one at a time. With that said it has been seen that both teams have come to a conclusion of facing each other this time. In a recent interview both team captains from the opposite team share their side of story with us and telling how they will be preparing for the upcoming test match. Bangladesh captain said that we are very happy to face India because in our last tour was to Pakistan where we had a great experience facing them and beat them in their own game. They really put up a good fight but in the end we prevail as victorious. Now, we are going against with India a team that has so many great players in it when you talk about the top cricket teams and we are full confidence about the test match we will make sure to decimate them in our home ground just like we did to Pakistan. India captain also said that we now know how Bangladesh has come up on top as so fast we are preparing ourselves and practicing day in and night out to become more strong as unit just like the opposing team. Cricket is a game that anyone can beat you when they understand your game but you need to keep changing your ways of playing and strategies at the same time to avoid the opposing teams self interest. We now are making progress and will make sure we do our best to win the test series. Test matches are the only matches that give a player an opportunity to play openly and can react of how we want as well. With that said both team captains shake their hands and wish the very best of luck to each other. Now let’s take a look at the both teams present lineup for the upcoming test match that will held on June 14, 2015 at Fatullah stadium.

Bangladesh Team

Bangladesh has made no new changes I think it would be fair to see them as they going with their old lineup and few possibilities of changing their keeper that’s all for them right now.

India Team

India has made no new changes in their lineup but they are improving their skills in the practice sessions with full strength and will. They have slightly made some batting lineup changes and rest of them remains the same for them.

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Bangladesh vs India - 1st Test - Match Preview - 10th June 2015

Bangladesh vs India – 1st Test – Match Preview – 10th June 2015



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